Thursday, November 13, 2008

If we change our outlook...

Why did people get so up in arms about this speech? We have never been a Christian nation, but a nation of many faiths. The fact is President-Elect Obama speaks the truth. Maybe this scares people. We are no longer safe in our warm cocoons. The reality of our differences can no longer be ignored. To survive as a nation we need to strive to be accepting. The refusal to do so will leave us to stagnate. This nation used to be a place that other people saved their money to immigrate to. They would save their pennies to come here on vacation. Not any more. This country of ours can be great again, but only if we realize, as President-Elect Obama has,our absolute need to change the way we view the world. The other countries of the world are not us, and that is ok. They do not need to be us, nor do they need to be forced by us to be like us. If we change our outlook on those around us, both inside and outside our borders, we will be able to peacefully change how we are viewed, dealt with, and valued, by those who's input we value. Please listen to this speech with an open mind.

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