Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One Day for Human Rights

It is Dec 10. It is human rights day. Some of us are acquainted with the One Day for Human Rights web site. More of us need to be. The powers that be decided that for Human Rights Day, all the bloggers that would agree, shall write a post about their thoughts on human rights. I agreed. Now, what to blog about? There are so many aspects of this topic in this world right now. Millions of people on this planet, every day are being treated inhumanely, from rape, and beatings, to a simple dismissal of rights based upon gender, or sexual orientation. From Proposition 8 to Darfur there are uncountable variations of reasons that people and governments maintain to justify their actions. All these variations, however stem from one main reason, power. The human/animal drive to exert power and control over another individual. What human rights infringement really gets to you? We all have at least one. What about Bosnia, piracy in the Atlantic, slavery, or child porn? All of these things have one thing in common. A madman, or madwoman, who must feel powerful over another. They seem to find their personal worth in the subjugation of others. Like the U.S. "War on Terror" purports to be, we, as moral citizens of this world, no matter what your culture, must rise above this filth that stains our beautiful Mother Earth. We human beings, must hold all who victimize others, one hundred percent accountable.

I could not write about any one instance of injustice. For me, to speak of one down plays the others. No cross borne is any heavier than any other, for the weight is felt equally by the one made to bear it.

Please sign the petition to include the universal declaration of human rights in your passport.


erik said...

Nice post Brian, you raise an interesting point about no one cross being heavier than another. I think that rings true even more so with human rights. It's so easy to get caught up in our own day-to-day lives and forget about the rest of the world and the horrible violations that are going on around us. I guess for me it starts with educating, until we understand whats happening in the world how can we stop these violations.

jh2fct said...

It makes no sense to me to talk about human rights. It has nothing to do with rights. It has everything to do with human value. It's not about "rights" (law) its about "right" (morality) A human being is never a means to an end.
In other words: I agree with you totally.